15 Aug 2017

It is starting

This is number one - and many will follow
We love pumpkin soup - this one ist called Hokkaido

it was really a surprise - 
they grew like mad out of a few tiny seedlings -----
when we were absent.

I  cared for more place for my other plants meanwhile.

11 Aug 2017

Familienzusammenkunft - family gathering in the Vosges

We are eating raclette - a Swiss meal with potatoes and excellent cheese
and many other things.
The cooked potatoes are covered with cheese and then put under the grill
to melt the cheese.

We are eating in the very original kitchen in an old farmhouse
in the Vosges

And grand-daughter made a quilt after her own idea with fabric scraps
which she found digging in a  big bag - I don't through away any 
fabric no matter how small.


Weather was not just like we want to have it - but this
evening it gifted us with this double rainbow

2 Aug 2017

Blog is not forgotten - little quilts and the castle of Oricourt(France)

I am more often posting on Instagram - it is easy and instant
but I don't forget my blog.
An old square block with the four edges folded in
a little embroidery on it and
another pin cushion emerged
The quilt for the new bathroom in our "house of renovation" 
in blue and green - water themed. - this is the basting
and then some quilting - by machine - not finished yet
family is coming from Switzerland and the States
and my work must stand back

DH did some work - he constructed
new shutters - wooden and painted to fit with the ones
which will stay in place - made of plastic. 

Arent't they just perfect. And it was so hot while he worked
A place-set rather than a little quilt in English paper piecing EPP
I don't think I would ever place my coffee mug on it 

I started to quilt it by hand - circles
It was Sunday - so we decided to visit a castle - which is more or
less a ruin - interesting and of medieval times (12th century)
with an added farmhouse of the 19th century (no photo)

Picturesque sights

But look at this tower and how nature conquers it back
trees are growing on top and ivy is creeping up
The view is fantastic
The castle is surrounded by a ditch which was
never filled with water 

The couple who undertook this enormous work is
living in a small part of the castle - the rest are just walls

And here I am now - in the Vosges and am having this lovely sight.

8 Jul 2017

Ties to bag

Fleamarket in France - they call it vide-grenier (empty attic)
I couldn't go past those ties. -
actually DH discovered them - I go to such events
telling to myself: "I hope I won't buy anything"
(a saying which I adopted  from old patchwork friend Ulla - 
no more among us)

Colours were just asorted wonderfully
light blue and one with black stripes for accent

Now I was trying to bring together those ties - making a bag
but had to ask Deanna of http://eclectic-meanderings.blogspot.fr/  for the pattern
I made a bag of ties before but didn't store the pattern
And dear Deanna sent it to me instantly after asking her

The advantage of internet!
She made bags with three ties. I wanted a bit a bigger one 
and tried it with four ties.

After pinning and tacking and undoing and again pinning 
that is what came out
It is rather solid and sturdy for I used the ties as they were.

We are slowly moving our things from Haute-Saône to the
Vosges into our farmhouse - we want to give up the
"house of renovation" - We feel that it is to far to go to
from Germany.

Table and garden chairs in the trailor - 811m altitude
It is about the fourth loading - we are driving 1 hour 
from house to house.

Look at this sight - from the east side of the house.
So beautiful! We will spend soon some time here with our children
Same procedure as every year!

17 Jun 2017

Impressions of my birthday parties

A wonderful day - so we could celebrate it - a bit belated - in the garden
starting from left: Sister - brother - sister in law - me - sister in law
missing is the eldest brother because of very serious illness 
and the husband of sister who sadly passed away last year
The empty chair - you know of course - its the photographer's one

DH is always present
here preparing 80 candles - who would get 80 candles ....
Last year he made it for himself - now for me
He is special!

One week earlier my patchwork friends were with us for my anniversary
We had so much fun and weather was as fine as the Sunday with the family
(see above)

A wonderful stuffed bird - my friend Angelika made it
she is making the most wonderful things and offering 
them to me

And now this rose and cinnia arrangement of friend Edith
with a table rocket in the middle in pink - how lovely

The birthday rocket is burning (Edith and me)

There were also Watraud and Theresia with lovely gifts
so sorry no photos - maybe at a later date

And now in France:

I have again time - this UFO will be finished I swear it
 - English paper piecing
It is nice to do in the garden - in our French garden
The colours are very strange - but they are as they are....finito!

It was probably in a special mood when I chose the fabrics - 
one year ago.

I love everything in this French garden

We will give it up - and sell the house

While stitching in the afternoon I have such lovely sights

The farmhouse in France

Many roofs - barns for elephants (we made our jokes about it)

5 Jun 2017

Our village -

Not very far from summer 

rye - for our bread

27 May 2017

Karlsruhe is celebrating its son - the inventor of the first bike

Karl Freiherr von Drais - the inventor of the first bicycle, the very first
where men sat on a wheel but had to push themselves with their own feet
like the bikes of very small children today
named for his inventor: Draisine

This was in. the year 1817 - This gentleman lived from 29 Aprl 1785 - till 1851
in Karlsruhe but also in Mannheim where he worked,
a town ca. 60 km north of Karlsruhe. 

Karlsruhe is celebrating the 200 years of bicycles for a few days 
and installed two "Big Wheels"
(as I read in my dictionary also called Ferris wheels) representing a bike.

We did not ride it - it is a long and slow affair - stopping and going
good for young people in love.

We saw wonderful  bikes exposed in the park
This one - you see the petals on the front wheel

or this with two large wheels - it could have been for elderly ladies

Wooden wheels and spokes -  The owner posed the wheels himself as a replica
and he carved the seat from wood

He has a museum near Magdeburg (Germany).
and loved to pose for my photo

Another oldfashion-dressed lady

Many people were dressed in the fashion of old times 
It must have been difficult to ride with a long skirt on

Those dressed up people were nice to see

An expert explaining things - also men had old-timer cloths on them

They are on their "walking machines"

A group from France
(Three last photos from Karlsruhe Newspaper).

There was a parade through the town with many people watching

two bikers from Indonesia, Djakarta and Java
About 20 nations took part

People watching the start of the parade - we thought they were waiting 
for something - tickets or entrance - and we came a little late to watch

A bike as high as me ...

Are you biking? We are.....