16 May 2017

Street sale also known as vide-grenier in France

I did not sell much - a few old silver bracelets
which I wore as a.girl
I decided to separate from those little quilts -
nobody was interested

I thought that people overlooked them and so I hang them up
on the gate - with the second cloudburst they got draining wet 
- and today they are still mine
Quite a disorder on the tables - but this is a fleamarket
A lady was interested in my fabric bundles - she returned once more 
and took another one - a bundle was for 2€ - very bon marché
But I admit I didn't like the fabrics anymore - 

DH is keeping me company - sitting under the sunshade
See the puddle near our table? The rain was so heavy  -  we ran with
plastic foils to cover things up
And used the parasol as an umbrella

Sun came up again  and we were happy to have the sunshade 
in its proper use

DH is playing the piano behind the fence - and what do you think
He earned 1€ - yes 1 Euro -
The potholder grew during those 8 hours in the street ---
and is finished now. - The tablecloth is from - who do I know???
Could be from an aunt - cousin of my mother

8 May 2017

Making a collage from scraps

I am not very happy with it - so I am showing now just part of it
I am adding bit and again cutting off scraps which I don't like
But more in another post.

Originally it was a little stitched picture which I made in Sharon Boggons class
"Studio Journal" several years ago. I like to use things again and change them.


The flamingo fabric was too strong in colour 
so it was cut into pieces - and like that the flamingo enjoys
the water, the lake and the pond

It is this motiv of Vincent Van Gogh which I used also for another embroidery
(below). I liked the swirls of the wind and suns - or are they stars 
and possibly a moon in the dark sky?

I used many stitches from Sharon's "Take a Stitch Tuesday" - which is still running

23 Apr 2017

Greenhouse news

There will be good "effects" in summer and autumn - I hope.

Border creating - my great-great-grandmother would have done that
But she couldn't load it into internet - Not anyone from USA, Japan, Australia
Canada, Germany, France or Spain had the chance to see it
It was kept in cupboards and drawers - and songbooks for the church
...and kept long enough so that some even came down to me together
with crocheting genes.
I am crocheting with perlé 8.

I made a walk alongside the camping ground of our village in France

on this river

 and turning more to the left ---
the bridge

I like the view through the bridge

Cows have a good life 

We have our house in the plane  - at the horizon is the range 
of the Vosges - altitude ca. 1200 m.

20 Apr 2017

Old blooming apple tree against the cloud-loaden sky

Imagine the blossoms slightly pink and you can understand my delight.

In another garden - in Switzerland - a greenhouse is being constructed
Bravo son!

Embroidery school is over but I am still "sitting in the class room"
making borders - I used a stitch from queeniepatch - the Q-stitch
the one in blue. - here is the link: http://queeniepatch.blogspot.fr/search/label/Q%20Stitch
And below in white with red beads - a stitch from Paperjennifer - she has an Instagram tutorial
It is a buttonhole and at the same time scallopping stitch.

I dyed with dandelions. I followed Jude Hill from her blog spiritcloth.
If you want to know more about it here is the link:

A very nice soft yellow

I went into the frontgarden and picked a potful of dandelion flowers.

And then I did what I read on spiritcloth - I cooked the flowers with water  
and put my fabric scrap and a little white thread into it. Jude put some allum
too. I have no experience with this and might try it some day - to see
if there is a difference.

Two days in a jar and out came this little yellow delight -

16 Apr 2017

Happy Easter

Some colourful though plastic eggs on an azalee in front of the house
to wish everybody happy Easter! 

I pulled out eggs from long ago - I might even have posted them
some years ago. They are empty and painted by daughter Dunja
and by me

Left-overs of cotton yarn - what to do with it? Using some of it up 
I knitted a wash cloth - I was interested in this pattern from DROPS DESIGN 
where one starts with 3 stitches making holes in rows (I love hole-making)

I love to make pouches - I love to have pouches!
So I think that grand-daughter MIla also likes to have them
I certainly made already quite a numbler for her - 
this one is for her 12th birthday

And what do you think who chose the fabric?
Yes, DH. Of course - and it might be ok for a teenager - 
who does Yung Oom Doe and all sorts of sports -
she is no "pink girl" - so she said once.

Easter blooms are looking friendly - today on Easter Sunday it is rather cool.

2 Apr 2017

Snail trail and a pouch

A friend of mine came along to the patchwork meeting
with snails on tulips. We were delighted and back at home
 everybody started to copy them - so was I.
I started to crochet snails - they are coming from  

Have a look at her blog - there are many wonderful little things.

I made a simple pouch out of scraps - machine quilted.
Of course, woman always needs a new pouch - 
Inspiration came from Pinterest.

A quick supper when the pouch was finished
We call it Flammkuchen - a thin dough with lard, cream and onions.

The little horse is a souvenir from China. I love its colours.
Interesting for me that the pouch colours are very similar
although the little patch piece came from my scrap box in another house

31 Mar 2017


Three days it was like that

and now look at the carpet

In Karen Ruane's class I made this - a sample on English broderie
part of my daughters baptism dress - Long ago those times, 50 years 

A piece of machine embroidered lace

and AFTER - I didn't like the coloured buttonhole stitches

so I changed it completely - two fillings by hand

And for the next cold season - hopefully very, very far away
I am knitting a vest/waistcoat

It is so thick - that I don't touch it these days - I have to join the seams - that's all.
For the moment I lost interest because weather is so lovely.

18 Mar 2017

I followed .....

Mary Corbets tutorial to make this
Lacy buttonhole wheel eyelet
If you are interested here is the link:

I added it on the crazy quilt which has been on the wall
already quite some time

I like lace - and this one is made by machine - idea of
Karen Ruane in her Embroidery School

Sample-making - look at the toggles - one is made of lace
then the "bridge" with the letter S in cross stitch from an earlier
project - everything can find a place in such samples

I will still add something here and there -

Strips of paper embellished by machine with lace and stitches by hand

3 Mar 2017

Update of everything

Spring flowers from a friend - we had an eight-friends afternoon party
with coffee, tea, cake, sparkling wine and baked toasts 

Sample of the Embroidery School - with buttonholed loops and wrapped
threads, bullion knots and the never missing French knots

and this - embellished lace, gimp with bulllion knots, a square of 16 small
octagons, bumpy things and Suffolk puffs. Moreover a gimp snake.
The cross stich letters are from a previous project. 

And then in Frande ....
Much rain in two days and the meadows became lakes

A visitor in the "garden" - I want to be friends with her
but she is shy

and a pouch for battery chargers for our travels
from house to house.

No more uglgy plastic bags 

A wonder how I could find fabrics being far from my stashes - 
and not bad ones at all. I like it and DH will be happy using it.