5 Jan 2017

Crocheting while waiting

I made one flower while waiting for my date with the orthopedist's
The second from the right is made of gold-metallic thread - a really
old one found in my mother's stashes of fantastic materials - she was
still crocheting in her 90ties

To demonstrate the size of the flower in two threads of perlé

The flowers are from the book below 
It is a wonderful book and even better is that I know the author - she is a very talented
and wonderful woman - living in a neighbouring little town called Weingarten and helping 
there in my favorite woolshop 

While I was waiting for DH to fetch me with the car 
I was looking around and shooting with my iPhone
It is Karlsruhe - our shopping and coffee-drinking town

31 Dec 2016


A little embellishment - I will attach more now - I see that
it is nice in winter

 Flower crochet makes the magnolia bloom

Sage in frost


Sprirea in our garden.

30 Dec 2016

It is called SEDUM - I know it again

Thank you Catherine  at http://www.knottedcotton.com/
for writing me the proper name: SEDUM

It is that one. I grow it with Lavender and Salvia and Rosemary - How I love it.
And it looked like this yesterday December 29th:

29 Dec 2016

White caps in the morning

No snow - but white on top - hoar-frost in our garden
It was in the morning at about ten o'clock
Foolish but I can't remember the name of this plant.
It is like a semper vivum but much larger - light-green stems
with thick leaves and the small flowers are pink and attract bees
in swarms in August.
Maybe someone of my readers.........

A last rose in the frost

And because there is nothing new - due to Christmas time -
I am posting something old - an embroidery from a postcard
painting by Friedensreich Hundertwasser

My postcard looked something like this:
I can't find it anymore - I am sure when I am searching something else
I will come upon it.

The detail is showing the stitches better

It is mounted in an everlasting calender.

23 Dec 2016

A Merry Christmas to you

To all my readers Happy and Merry Christmas and 
a good and inspired New Year.

It is our South American crib which we bought over 40 years ago
in Ayacucho (Peru)

I will show you two new angels on our tree:

made by patchwork friend Waltraud and ...

the white angel created by patchwork friend Angelika
Outside it is looking like snow, but it isn't. No white Christmas
again this year as so many years before.

No sewing but knitting these days - it will be a vest without sleeves

and I will treat the family with a hotchpotch tomorrow - Christmas Eve
There are many other ingredients like onion, carrots, beans, leek, chickpeas.

They have a long drive, hopefully no traffic jam - everybody is driving
to their parents.

We had so many hokkaidos. I brought parts of them to my neighbour
I like the design of this slice:

There is still stuff for many soups.

6 Dec 2016

Some new stitches and Rapunzel continuation no. 8

Queenie - my reference number two for excellent stitching
announces Scandinavian stitches each Sunday.
(Number one of course is Sharon Boggon of TAST - take a stitch Tuesday) 

Some of Queenies stitches are so interesting that I take them over 
into my stitch book with drawings how to make ithem. 
Maybe only I will be able to understand them - maybe after some time not even me. 
We will see.

I posted already bout the Anundsjö stitch (it. is Swedish) - it is the first and second row.
It is done with two threads. So in the second row I took two different colours.

The third and fourth row show the Danish knot - such a very nice stitch -
if one needs something bigger than a French knot. It is also known as German knot.

And then fifth row the ermine stitch, in Swedish the Hermelinstygn. I have no
German name for it - maybe someone will know a name.
In French - which also interests me because we live part time in France:
Point d'hermine

Here is also Rapunzel again - a stitching pattern - straw-silk paper sewn down on
silk - and all sorts of stitches around cutout circles

And how I make my marks: It is with this pencil - Frixion is its name.
It is the pencil with some kind of rubber on the opposite end of the 
ball point. But I don't rub out with this - no - I use a moderate hot iron
and go gently over it - if I want to erase the signs and marks.
Like a mystery - they disappear!  

3 Dec 2016

Stitching a story - no. 7. great disappointment

A Rapunzel-tower in Karlsruhe near our castle.

It was once the waterworks for the provision for the casle
iconstructed in 1866 but doesn't work anymore today - 

since I am stitching Rapunzel's story I am looking 
for towers. This one is 40 m high.

You remember - the prince climbed up - but he didn't
find Rapunzel anymore - the sorceress took her to an unknown
place - so......

....he was so disappointed and sad even his horse let his head hang down -
and leaves were falling from trees  - maybe because it was autumn, too.
- but many months he wandered about in the woods full of grief.

My leaves are cut out from painted Decovil and sewn to the pages
with just one stitch

And the little enamelled Chinese horse is watching ...
Soon the sory will find a happy end.

28 Nov 2016

Free embroidery and Stitching a Story - no. 6

Preparing for free embroidery on hand-dyed cotton 

I am following now and then - whenever I think of it
the Sunday stitch school of Queenie -
(She showed how to make backstitches by imprinting the holes
first by a not-threaded sewing machine - really good for beginners)
I am making them as usually free hand not caring too much about
I stitched a circle and filling it in with chain stitches and variegated thread
- it will be a flower - 

My fantasy petals are made by the Anundsjö stitch (see my last post): http://queeniepatch.blogspot.fr/2016/11/sunday-stitch-school-lesson-1-anundsjo.html

Searching in my scrap boxes I found a cup shape - an ideal vase 
for the flower - I also made two puffs (bumpy bits - expression by
Karen Ruane) and stems.
About Rapunzel - I can tell you that every girl needs more than
one dress.
So the meanwhile 16 years old Rapunzel was gifted with a beautiful
silk skirt - embroidered and embellished with lace

It is lined with withe silk as well.
Now the prince can be welcomed - and he indeed spares no effort to visit
the beautiful girl.

What looks like his bag is part of the dress which was slipped through
from the other side of the page. 
(There must be a door at the bottom how otherwise did Rapunzel
get high up into her prison? Later in the story the sorceress and the girl
leave the tower - and I am sure they use the spiral staircase - )

This could be the tower - it is in Villersexel - Haute-Saône, France - 

the chateau is transformed Into a hotel and the private rooms
can be visited with a guide - two afternoons a week.

17 Nov 2016

No. 5 of Rapunzel

On this page the young prince managed to draw himself up with
the braid of Rapunzel - (This haïr growth - a wonder - I would like
to know her secret) - I designed the roof with old tiles -

I used the line of stitches from the music on the other side to create
a branch with leaves.

A tuffet for the prince - a bit awkward I think. I might have to move it and
put it into the cubbyhole of the tower and order a more princy one. But there
are new books - patchwork books - 
Its the cover of the book with the long braid - Rapunzel looking
out of the little window in the tower.
I am working in the book on any page - when an idea pops up -
forwards and backwards.
And yes - I did it - I threw it out of the room - the tuffet (Thanks to
Deanna7trees I know this word now) - and made a nice really
royal one with low legs.

16 Nov 2016

Queenies Sunday stitch school

Oh, I think it's wonderful that Queenie should find new stitches for us.
Please read here 
on her blog about this lovely Sunday stitching. It is a treat.

I made the Scandinavian (more exactly Swedish) stitch which is called Anundsjö - 
(Queennie please correct me if I am wrong)
I have no idea what it means. If you are interested then find the description here:

It is worked with two threads - in my third row on the right I extended the stitch
extremely just to try. I took two threads of mouliné - and this is rather
thin alltogether.